Its all coming back to me now..

Not too sure if blogs are still the in thing now.
Maybe Ppl have been updating but gave up notifying others to read it lol..

Sorry for the long hiatus if anyone is still reading this thing 🙂

Met lotsa fun loving ppl during the orienation programme who jus joined the company, oblivious to what lies ahead haha.

Each of us are to play a part in the growth of this Co. Promises of a fulfilling career and various benefits. sounds like some propaganda thing lol..
Issit really the company or the job that gives the most satisfaction?  hmm…

Almost 2 months into my new job and no doubt that there are new challenges, coz of the very different scope of work that i am doing now.  but all i can is..i’m so glad i moved here 🙂

I got my life back somehow.. not that i didn’t have life before but previously it was all bout work and how i hated and plotted to get out of it. However, on hindsight, the Lord taught me alot of things.. my weaknesses, his grace and sustenance, his plans and control over all things.

Yesterday Pastor Sam preached on the Christ’s journey to the cross. it was impactful. Not because he used bombastic words or “motivational speeches ” like ways, but he helped us to see the intensity and pain that Christ went through, God come down as a human, felt pain ,tempted to doubt the Father when he cried ““Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” (which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”).
but yet trusted and obeyed to the very end.

i tried to put myself in the shoe of someone who dosen’t know God. My thoughts would be “Nice touching story..not bad, the writer is able to invoke that emotion from a person..”

As  someone who knows the Lord and have a relationship with him. It is just heart wrenching…questioning what i did to deserve this. i don’t! but he still did it for me.. and for you too.  We belong to him and are made to live for him!

A friend quoted this statement from a Francis Chan (whom i believe is a Pastor) “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter”.  How true!

Who better to know the purpose of our lives than the person who created us!

So what really matters in your life?

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Where’s the line?

When did Activity become a substitute for our relationship with God?

does being involved in more “God related” activites show a person’s devotion to the Lord? hmm…

Our Love for God compels us to WANT to serve him, but issit possible that we can be so concentrated on serving and forget about the person whom we serve? i pray that won’t happen.

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To go or not to go….

1) Eh you find new job already?

2)when you quitting?

3)only 1 more month and you are free!!

really?? As the date draws closer to end of my contract in my present company, time is running out for me to make a decision whether or not to stay on. (not forever but a little longer till i finally decide wat to do..)

i tell myself and my frens to keep praying and praying but…do i already know the answer?

at times like this i wish God would like drop me a hand written note and say it audibly in my ears (this is without noeing the consequence if it really happened haha..)



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Say what?

Everything that attempted to write the past 2 weeks is gone!! But nvm.

I find it hard nowadays to blog about the happenings of my life. Maybe its the thought that, who would wanna know whats happening anyways…OR..i would probably blog about the same things over and over again and sound like a broken recorder.

THis CNY holidays were a much needed break from the hectic working life.Day after day wondering when it would ever end. wondering if its the right thing to do. (more about that next time..)

I love CNY and Christmas as it is the only time of the year i get to meet my extended family. In the past, every gathering always contained convos about the children’s results, school etc.

Nowadays , its about who has higher cholesterol and blood pressure levels, uncles, aunties and grandma asking why i don’t have a boyfriend. SAY WHat? sorry. even if have also maybe dun have time loL!

All these endearing and sometimes embarrassing put-u-on-the-spot questions can sometimes be frustrating and make me roll my eyes haha.. But at the same time, i thank the Lord that all of my extended family members have come to know him and for the opportunities to pray together as a family 🙂 THank GOd for them!!

May we continue to glorify him!

The Ang-gys!


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Thank God for bringing us thru 3 continuous days of Christmasing and Banquet!

another 3 days to go and then MIMBY!

In the midst of the busyness of Christmas events, we can so easily forget God although we are seemingly doing it for him!

honestly attempts to spend time with the Lord, was overpowered by the tiredness and giving in to my comfortable bed. sigh…

Lord grant us strength and joy to serve you! may we not forget the most impt thing of building out relationship wif u 🙂

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Faithful but….

Had a shift in perspective this week about the difference between faithfulness an devotion.

Rom shared with us from Acts 17:16-32. Paul saw that the people in Athens were deeply religious but worshipped an “unknown God” . He challenged us to ask ourselves whether we have been faithful and devoted to the Lord.

We can be faithful in the roles assigned to us, doing it well, professionally but maybe we have done all these things religiously to an “unknown God” , or we have done it just out of our own efforts to show off our capabilities?

It is a very real thing to ask ourselves..Just between us and God.

Another thing that came to my mind was..where does out identity lie?

who are we when there is no S&P, no BLC, no events, no cg, no service to prepare for.

Without all these..

Can we truly say that we have a relationship with God? what is it like?


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Have i been genuine as a friend?

have i fed any emotions that should not have been fed?

Have i not corrected someone when they need to be corrected?

HAve i loved?

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